5-Year Review


The final rule establishing the sanctuary nomination process included a five-year limit on any nomination added to the inventory that NOAA does not advance for designation. In November 2019, NOAA issued a notice (84 FR 61546) to clarify procedures for evaluating and updating a nomination as it approaches the five-year mark. The clarified procedure ensures the inventory contains nominations that remain relevant and responsive to the four national significance criteria and seven management considerations.

When nominations on the inventory approach the five-year mark, NOAA may solicit comment in writing or via a workshop to gain insights about the nomination’s continued relevance and responsiveness to the 11 criteria on national significance and management considerations. NOAA will only be considering public comments with new or relevant information that are responsive to the 11 criteria.

The process to update a nomination about to expire at the five-year mark includes the following steps:

  1. ONMS notifies the nominating party around the four and a half-year mark to give the nominating party an opportunity to provide updates of the nominated area’s relevance and responsiveness to the 11 criteria on national significance and management considerations.
  2. ONMS staff works with partners to gather information on the nomination’s relevance to the 11 criteria on national significance and management considerations. This information gathering could include gathering information through public processes such as a public workshop or written comment period, as examples.
  3. ONMS reviews information received from the original nominating party, partners, the public and other relevant sources against the 11 criteria on national significance and management consideration to assess if the nomination is still accurate, relevant and responsive.
  4. ONMS staff produce a brief synopsis report to the ONMS Director for decision, presenting an analysis of information that has been collected, and a recommendation regarding maintaining the nomination in the inventory, or removing it once the five-year anniversary is reached.

Whether removing or maintaining a nomination after the five-year mark, NOAA would follow the same procedure for notifying the public as was followed when the nomination was submitted, including a letter to the nominator, a notice in the Federal Register, and posting information on this website “nominate.noaa.gov”.

Nominations Evaluated Under the 5-Year Review by ONMS

Chumash Heritage (California, Central Coast)

Date Submitted: 7/17/15

Date Added to Inventory: 10/5/15


Chumash Heritage Nomination

Map of Proposed Area

ONMS Letter to Nominator about 5-Year Review: March 31, 2020

Response from Proponents: April 29, 2020

FR Notice for 5-Year Review of Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary Nomination: May 4, 2020

Public Comments Audio

Public Comments Transcript

Questions and Answers on Presentation Audio

Questions and Answers on Presentation Transcript

Five Year Review Presentation Slides

Virtual meeting video

Virtual meeting video (Youtube)


For general questions regarding the five-year review of the Chumash Heritage nomination please contact:

Lisa Wooninck
Regional Policy Coordinator

Virtual Public Meeting Requesting Comment on May 27, 2020; 6:00 PT

NOAA invites individuals with new and relevant information about the Chumash Heritage nomination that are responsive to the 11 criteria on national significance and management considerations. The event will begin with a brief overview of the five-year review process, after which spoken public comments will be accepted.

Please register here in advance if you want to speak or call in to 1-415-930-5321

Written comments must be submitted electronically at www.regulations.gov with Docket Number NOAA-NOS-2020-0063.

Written comments must be received by June 15, 2020.